Mr.Cool Detective – Short Story Series

I just completed my short story “Mr.Cool Detective – What went wrong?” The book will be available only for Kindle users. Mr. Cool Detective is about inspector Naren who unwillingly […]

Quotes from the book – Murderous Greed

Some of the dialogues or quotes from the book Murderous Greed have left a lasting impression on the readers. 1. Police officers find it difficult to accept anyone who doesn’t […]

Greed is Good!

Did I say, Greed is good? That’s right. Greed can steer the goodness of a blissful saint, or the badness of a vengeful dictator. Let’s analyze my standpoint. Greed is […]

How is Greed presented in my book?

‘Greed, for the lack of a better word, is good’ said Gordon Gekko in one of my favorite movies, Wall Street. It left a lasting impression in me. Everyone has […]

What is my first book about?

Murderous Greed Order your book now! Buy Now The theme of my first book is Greed. I had written a good number of short stories in the past which I did […]