Did I say, Greed is good?

That’s right. Greed can steer the goodness of a blissful saint, or the badness of a vengeful dictator. Let’s analyze my standpoint.

Greed is bad, when you base it on an external scorecard. Well, wait, scorecard? Many of us evaluate our performance or lifestyle based on what others do in society. It is the norm since the stone-age and in today’s personal lives, since kindergarten and their judgmental grades! As you grow up, your external scorecard is a combination of many comparisons, like your friend’s bank balance, neighbor’s spatial house or a classmate’s fancy car. Luckily, most of us are kind at heart, while the external scorecard spurs the mind. Hence, it needn’t turn into a race, thus avoiding the push to extreme limits to acquire that wealth to satisfy the mind. We limit ourselves from causing troubles to the people around us to feed our greed. However, if your mind enters the race fueled by greed from an external scorecard, you will begin to do things that will have many negative implications. So, greed can be bad.

Greed is good when you are looking at only outperforming yourself every time. In other words, your internal scorecard. The scorecard that drives you to perform better than what you did yesterday. As long as the performance metrics are driven by values of ethical nature, you will end up finding a better ‘you’ everyday, leading to sustainable self-growth and peace. So, to reiterate, greed can be good!

Now, go and chase your dreams fueled by an internal scorecard and remember, greed is good!

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