‘Greed, for the lack of a better word, is good’ said Gordon Gekko in one of my favorite movies, Wall Street. It left a lasting impression in me. Everyone has greed; some profound, some harmless, some under control, some spiraling like a spinning top waiting for a withering fall in time; and it thus became the premise of my first novel.

Let’s admit it, everyone dreams for more. Even in a satisfactory life, we still have room for more happiness, more achievements, more wealth or even, more power. All the characters in my book are simple everyday people from different walks of life, wanting something more.

The silken thread defines a robe, and these following characters define the tale that is ‘Murderous Greed’:

  1. The ‘jealous’ greed: A person, born in a low-income family, fueled by jealousy since childhood, of people with better lifestyles.
  2. The ‘obvious’ greed: Another important character is an executive who is never happy with what he/she has earned. ‘I’m always one rupee short’, his/her mind constantly believes.
  3. The ‘illegal’ greed: This character will move a paper clip to a mountain, only if his/her greed is satisfied. Effort is no longer a function of his/her salary, but a way to be paid extra to do his/her duties. In other words, a BRIBE!
  4. The ‘vengeful’ greed: This character’s greed is purely driven by revenge, to ascertain that they can scale higher peaks in shorter time than their friends and foes.
  5. The ‘good’ greed: This character’s greed will push him/her beyond ethical borders to perform a duty, which incidentally happens to be a good cause for the society.

There’s always room in the wallet for an extra buck and my book ‘Murderous Greed’ is a motley mix of all these characters chasing the urge to fill that space with an extra piece of currency!